Meadow Button-Front Backpack (Free Pattern)


For this piece, I used a worsted-weight cotton yarn. The backpack is worked in three pieces – the main body and each of the straps. To assemble the bag, the body piece is folded into thirds and two of the layers are sewn together. If you would like the bag to be larger, add more stitches to the foundation chain or add more rows to the body of the backpack.

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360 yards worsted weight yarn (4)

Size H hook

1 button (The one I used is 7/8” in diameter)

Yarn needle



2” x 2” square – 8 stitches x 7 rows


Hdc – half double crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

Decrease – half double crochet two stitches together




Chain 42

Row 1: Hdc in second stitch from hook.  Hdc until end of row, chain 1 <41>

Row 2: Hdc 41, chain 1 <41>

Rows 3 – 65: Hdc 41, chain 1 <41>

Row 66: Hdc 41, chain 1 place stitch markers in the first and last stitches of the row <41>

Row 67: Decrease, hdc 37, decrease, chain 1 <39>

Row 68: Decrease, hdc in each stitch until last two in row, decrease, chain 1 <37>. 

Repeat Row 68 until three stitches remain. Chain 4 and sl st to final stitch in row, bind off, weave in all ends.


Straps (make 2)

Chain 8

Row 1: Hdc in second stitch from hook, hdc until end of row, chain 1 <7>

Row 2: Hdc in each stitch in row, chain 1 <7>

Rows 3 – 71: Repeat Row 2 <7>

Row 72: Hdc in each stitch, bind off <7> * If you would like the straps to be longer, add more rows to each, be aware that this will require more yarn



Lay out the body of the bag with the point up.  Fold the bottom of the piece up until the bottom corners align with the stitch markers.  Sew each side together from the fold until the corner and stitch marker meets.  Weave in all tails.  Fold down the triangle and turn the piece over.

Pin the top of each strap on either side of the midpoint of the top of the back of the bag.  Sew them in place.  Check to be certain neither strap is twisted.  Then, sew the bottom of each strap to one of the bottom corners of the bag.*  Weave in all tails

Turn the bag over again.  Mark the layer directly underneath the buttonhole.  Attach the button here.

* If you find attaching the bottom of the straps here is uncomfortable, then attach each along that side of the bag at the bottom of the seam.

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