Button-Front Ribbed Tank Top (Free Crochet Pattern)


The ribbing on this top is made with rows of back-loop half-double crochet in the body anchored by a single half-double crochet at the end of the row. While creating the back-post crochets, make sure to only use the back loop of the previous stitch rather than both of them. With a ribbed pattern like this, it’s important to use a yarn with a consistent thickness rather than one with a varying diameter if you want the ribbing to appear straight.

This pattern is extremely easy to customize to fit you perfectly. If you follow the directions below exactly, you will make a crop top, but if you’d like the piece to be a bit longer or to make a full-length top, just add more stitches to the foundation chain. The width of the top can be adjusted by simply adding or subtracting rows of the body panel.

Adding the button holes is surprisingly easy; if you decide to make the top longer, you might want to add more buttons to the piece. The buttons I used are approximately 7/8″ in diameter, if your buttons are a different size, you will need to adjust the size of the button holes accordingly. With 7/8″ diameter buttons, add 10 stitches to the foundation chain for each additional button if making a longer top.

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Worsted weight yarn (To make the 10 inch long crop top, you will need approximately 10 yards for each additional inch in width – I used 370 yards to make a 38 inch wide top)

Size H Hook

4 buttons (7/8 inch diameter; if you choose to make the top longer, you may also want to add more buttons)

Yarn needle


Sc – single crochet

Blhdc – back-loop half-double crochet

Hdc – half-double crochet


9 stitches x 6 rows (2″ x 2″ square)



Chain 46

Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook, sc until end of row, chain 1, turn <45>

Rows 2-4: Skip chain, sc 45, chain 1, turn <45>

Row 5: Skip chain, blhdc 44, hdc 1, chain 1, turn <45>

Repeat Row 5 until this panel of the top is long enough to be wrapped comfortably around the body.


Button holes

Row 1: Blhdc 44, hdc 1, chain 1 <45>

Row 2: Sc 6, chain 3 and skip the next three stitches. Sc 7, chain 3 and skip the next three stitches. Sc 7, chain 3 and skip the next three stitches. Sc 7, chain 3 and skip the next three stitches. Sc 6, chain 1 <45>

Row 3: Blhdc 44, hdc 1, chain 1 <45>

Row 4: Blhdc 44, hdc 1, bind off and weave in all ends <45>


Straps (make 2)

Chain 8

Row 1: Dc in third chain from hook, dc 5, chain 2 <6>

Row 2: Dc 6, chain 2 <6>

Repeat Row 2 until the strap is the desired length. Check by pinning the strap to the top before binding off.

*Each inch is approximately 2 rows of double crochet high.



Fold the body of the top so that the button holes are above the single crochet band at the start of the top. Attach the buttons to the bottom layer of the body panel, aligned with each button hole.

Fasten all the buttons and fold the top in half with the row of buttons face up and in the center of the top. Sew one end of each strap 4″ in from either side of the top (this will be the upper edge)*. Align the row of buttons in the center of the top layer of the folded top again. Flip the top over. Sew the other end of each strap 4.5″ in from either side of the top along the upper edge, making sure that the straps aren’t twisted.

*To check the fit of the top with the straps, pin them in place first and then try on the top. Adjust their position or sew them in place as desired.


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