Scallop Hem Halter-neck Top (Free Crochet Pattern)

The body of this pattern is almost entirely double crochet, so it works up fast and the length of the top is easy to customize. I used a worsted weight cotton-acrylic blend yarn in my project and since this is a summer top, I would recommend either something of a similar composition or a yarnContinue reading “Scallop Hem Halter-neck Top (Free Crochet Pattern)”

Easy Peplum Top (Free Crochet Pattern)

Model is 5′ 3″ and wearing a size 34 The Lilac Peplum Top is worked in one piece in double crochet with minimal sewing required (only weaving in ends). Like the Hyacinth Sweater, this short-sleeved peplum top is worked top-down in the round. Since this project is worked top-down, customizing the length just requires youContinue reading “Easy Peplum Top (Free Crochet Pattern)”

Crochet Wrap Skirt (Free Pattern)

Model is 5′ 3″ and wearing a size 29 This skirt is designed to wrap around your waist 1.5 times. I have found that some wrap skirts and dresses don’t have much overlap between the two layers in the front which is not particularly practical if you intend to wear the garment anywhere with wind.Continue reading “Crochet Wrap Skirt (Free Pattern)”

Button-Front Ribbed Tank Top (Free Crochet Pattern)

The ribbing on this top is made with rows of back-loop half-double crochet in the body anchored by a single half-double crochet at the end of the row. While creating the back-post crochets, make sure to only use the back loop of the previous stitch rather than both of them. With a ribbed pattern likeContinue reading “Button-Front Ribbed Tank Top (Free Crochet Pattern)”

Meadow Button-Front Backpack (Free Pattern)

For this piece, I used a worsted-weight cotton yarn. The backpack is worked in three pieces – the main body and each of the straps. To assemble the bag, the body piece is folded into thirds and two of the layers are sewn together. If you would like the bag to be larger, add moreContinue reading “Meadow Button-Front Backpack (Free Pattern)”